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Why SEAir Business Is Flying


Interview with Richard Forest of SEAir Flying Boat


Group CEO Tavis Standen speaks with the Co-Founder and CEO of SEAir Flying Boat, Richard Forest during a recent visit to Australia earlier this month.


As precursor to the launch of SEAir Flying Tenders onto the boating scene in our country, Richard Forest took the opportunity to hold a series of business meetings here after attending the Dubai International Boat Show.

In Richard’s own words, he is “Planning a fantastic and fascinating future! As founder of SEAir, I have chosen to face the amazing challenge of making tomorrow’s boats fly on an international scale. On a daily basis this involves: pacing my collaborators motivation, always pushing for innovation, shaping products that make people dream, finance and collaborate. To embark on tomorrow’s boating – may it be sail or motor-driven, SEAir’s expertise cannot be overlooked!”

Tavis asked Richard about his business strategies concerning SEAir and their foiling expertise. In the interview Richard elaborates on:

  • The milestones that SEAir have achieved
  • The advantages of a foiling RIB over a conventional one
  • The kinds of boat users that would benefit from a SEAir Flying Tender
  • A very exciting collaboration with Beneteau Group
  • What’s over the horizon for SEAir



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Why SEAir Business Is Flying 2


Why SEAir Business Is Flying 3


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Author: Steve Williams  |  Standen Marine
Video: Standen Group Marketing
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