01 - Presentation

It is no secret that when something is presented well it’s generally more appealing. Yacht Brokers that present themselves in a profession manner tend to have more successful sales. This also applies to boats that are presented in a stylish way. They always tend to sell faster and usually for a higher price.

It is important when considering a sale to take off your owner glasses and look at the boat through the eyes of a potential buyer.

When looking to sell your vessel we urge you to consider engaging a prefessional to conduct a pre-sale interior/exterior clean and polish. The better companies will also provide styling advice and we recommend that you take their feedback into account prior commencing a marketing campaign.

It’s extremely important to ensure your boat stands out from the rest.

02 - Performance



Attracting the right buyer is the first step. It is critical that your vessel functions and performs as advertised.

Everything from the light switches to the complex marine systems on board your boat must operate flawlessly in order to impress. This gives the buyer the unspoken awareness that the vessel has been well maintained.

You should be confident that your boat will perform beautifully during the rigours of a sea trial before the buyer’s surveyor steps aboard.

We recommend having your own marine surveyor conduct a complete survey before placing your boat on the market. This allows you to identify any issues and deficiencies and have them rectified.

Having a vessel that ‘ticks all the boxes’ will leave the buyer feeling very comfortable that they are purchasing the right boat and the others on the market will be excluded from their decision.


Choose the right broker

03 - Choose the right broker

Apart from our homes, a boat is often the single most expensive investment we will ever own. That’s why it is so important to ensure that we maximise our return to help put us in front for our next acquisition.

It is critical to make sure you select the right broker who will not only represent your vessel in the best light, but also make sure that they are representing you, the seller. This will ensure the best possible outcome for your sale.

At Standen Marine, all of our Sales Representatives receive ongoing training to ensure that they are always at the top of their game.

In a seller’s market, securing a premium price can often be a quick and painless process. In a versatile or difficult market, the skill and negotiation experience of the broker can be the difference between an average figure and tens of thousands of dollars over the estimated sale price.

04 - Attract the right buyer

Attract the right buyer


Standen Marine has your best interests at heart. We see no value in pointless advertising that is going to cost you money for very little return.

For example there is no point advertising in print publications if your boat is a small sports cruiser.

Other brokers are well known for spending their customers money in order to help boost their own profiles. Standen Marine won’t recommend any marketing mediums before considering the target audience we anticipate will be the core prospect on your vessel.


Timing is everything

05 - Timing is everything

It is critical to think about the time of year you are looking at selling, especially when considering your method of sale and the intended length of your marketing campaign.

For instance, Spring and Summer are traditionally quick and efficient selling times and we generally see the highest turn over for the year in these months.

During these selling seasons we often see four week campaigns with many boats selling in much shorter timeframes.

In Autumn and Winter, whilst we sometimes observe slightly longer days on market with less stock for buyers to choose from, we can often create more competition which results in a higher selling price for you.