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Why Foiling Is My Passion


Interview with Bertrand Castelnérac of SEAir Flying Boat.


Awarded international competitive sailor and Co-Founder of SEAir, Bertrand Castelnérac talks about the advantages of foiling boats with Steve Williams from Standen Marine.

Bertrand Castelnérac visited Sydney to participate in the 2018 Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race and conduct business meetings on behalf of SEAir.

While he was here, we had the pleasure of speaking with him about his passion – foiling boats.

Amongst other subjects Bertrand discusses in the interview, he talks about:

  • How he became an advocate of foiling
  • How hydrofoils work and the benefits
  • His opinion of why foiling is becoming more mainstream
  • Why he’s excited about working with SEAir
  • Why the advantages of foils are equally good for both sailing and power boats
  • Why the SEAir designs are leading the way when it comes to ease-of-use, efficiency & durability.



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Why Foiling Is My Passion 2


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Author: Steve Williams  |  Standen Marine
Video: Standen Group Marketing
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