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What Floats Your Boat, Geoff?


Standen Marine is asking boat owners why they love boating so much.


In this video series, we explore the reasons why people own their boat in the first place, the places they like to go boating and what they like to do when they arrive.

In this episode we speak to Geoff Silk, where he tells us about the original decision that led him and his wife to get into boating in the first place and his idea of the best place to take his motor yacht.



To help anyone who’s considering a boat purchase, no matter whether it’s your first boat or even if you’re an experienced boat owner, we’ve written an eBook called “Why Own a Boat?

It’s a boat buyer’s guide to acquiring, enjoying and safeguarding your boating investment.

In this eBook we cover:

  • Why Go Boating?
  • What Do People Use Boats For?
  • What Type of Boat is Best?
  • Boat Budgeting
  • The Buying Process
  • Purchasing Checklist

Plus heaps more information that will be worth a read before you take the plunge. Enter your details using the link below to get instant access:


Click here to get our eBook “Why Own A Boat?”


If you’d like to hook yourself up with a boat or even just ask us our thoughts about the ideal boat for your circumstances, just get in touch with Standen Marine.


You can reach us on 02 8880 4088 or by email using for any further information.

Author: Steve Williams  |  Standen Marine
Video: Standen Group Marketing
Photos: Standen Group Marketing