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Our Approach and 3 Incredible Differences To Get Your Boat Sold Quicker

Buyers are constantly bombarded with the poorly contrived marketing from boat sellers in todays market. Our approach to presentation makes all the difference with more buyers seeing your boat leading to more inspections and ultimately a higher selling price as buyers compete with each other, not you.



The 3 Key Differences in Our Approach:

  1. We take every boat out on the water away from the marina.
  2. We always use a professional photographer.
  3. We include eye catching aerial photos.

Only a short few years ago, customers looking for boats, cars and property were doing about a third of the research on their own and the remainder of their buying voyage was done with the help of a salesperson.

Today it is significantly different. There has been a paradigm change.


Our Approach To Marketing Your Boat


How Does Our Approach Benefit You?

  1. We get your boat out on the water and away from the visual clutter of other boats so that it is seen in its natural environment and at its best! We remove all the distractions so that they will focus solely on your boat.
  2. Boats that are well presented get more enquiries and better offers.
  3. Your boat will standout when its online with hundreds of other boat available for sale.
  4. Prospective buyers get to see clearly what they’re about to purchase.


Our approach will get your boat sold quicker


As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words” but a spectacular portfolio of photos showing all angles and aspects of your boat really make it pop! This allows us to highlight the features of your boat that are likely to make it attractive.

Remember that a very large portion of the information that your brain receives is visual. Potential purchasers will make a decision whether they wish to ‘short list’ your boat based on the first impression they receive of her online. These days poorly shot photos or those taken with a smartphone just won’t cut the mustard because there’s more to it than just snapping away.

Professionally managed digital marketing now accounts for at least 85% of the buying journey and represents the core of marketing techniques. Technology allows marketers to reach individuals in the privacy of their homes, on the move and via multiple tech platforms. In fact, a marketer can specifically choose what criteria to target rather than employing the broad “scattergun” approach of days gone by.

The team at Standen are leading the marine industry through the implementation of state-of-the art digital marketing strategies. Use of these techniques in our approach allow us to provide your boat with greater reach throughout Australia.

View some examples of our high quality presentation on our Recently Sold Boat Listings page.

Head over to YouTube to see some examples of our Video Presentations that enhance our approach even further!


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