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Marex Employee Professional Development

Marex Boats has announced a new program of continuing professional development for their manufacturing employees based at their production facility in Lithuania.

The media release is as follows:

MAREX Boats, UAB launches a partly funded project of the European Social Fund – MAREX Boats, UAB “Skills Development for Employees”. The company manufactures exceptional sizes, models of excellence in pleasure boats of various sizes and models, and the highest awards at the international exhibitions.


Marex Employee Professional Development 1


As there is only one company in Lithuania that produces similar products, new employees of the company usually do not have the necessary specific expertise. There is also a general shortage of skilled workers. A staff development project that will include specific in-house training for new production personnel, specific internal training for existing production workers, and specific external training for management staff will help address the issue.


Marex Employee Professional Development 2


Internal trainings will last for many years, experienced staff members of the company, and external services will be purchased from service providers on the market.

The goal of the project is to adapt employees to market needs by providing employees with specific competencies. This project is also relevant to the company due to the fact that due to the growing number of orders the development of the production base is foreseen, which will require the Company to recruit more new employees.


Marex Employee Professional Development 3


The project MAREX Boats, UAB employee qualification improvement “is carried out by MAREX Boats, UAB. The project is carried out without partners.
The project budget is € 718,148.22, the funding received is € 430 888.93. Project implementation period – 2017 October – 2020 October

The project is implemented according to Priority 9 of the European Union Funds Investment Action Program for 2011-2020 “Public Education and Increasing the Potential of Human Resources” No. 09.4.3-ESFA-T-846-01-0053 Measures “Training for Foreign Investors”.


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