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It’s a Tender Concept!

The Limousine concept also applies to the water.

Once the exclusive domain of mega yacht territory, limousine tenders are becoming increasingly popular with smaller vessels and even shore-based ventures. Yes, it’s a thing!

Originally limo tenders were a totally bespoke proposition designed in collaboration with the yacht they serviced in order to fulfil a specific set of operational requirements. Today vessels that could be classified as limo tenders are also available as an “off-the-shelf” item from production or semi-custom builders.


It's a Tender Concept! 1


A limousine in the traditional vehicle sense is defined as “a large, luxurious car, especially one driven by a chauffeur who is separated from the passengers by a partition.”, according to the Oxford English dictionary.

In the early 20th century (for those trivia buffs amongst us) the driver’s seat of the car was outside in a separate compartment, covered with a canopy.

In current day examples, the capabilities of a luxury limousine begin with noise suppression, climate controlled air conditioning, state-of-the-art entertainment, communication systems and end with the knowledge that the limit of its capability is only a function of the client’s budget. Such customisation might include stretch passenger capacity or protection for the occupants against attack.


It's a Tender Concept! 2


Overlay this template onto water borne vessels in your mind and the result in your imagination is probably close to the mark.

A limousine tender vessel offers guests a relaxing (usually short journey) from ship to shore or departure to destination in comfort. Those who wish to take in the sea air usually have the option of remaining on deck but for most, a limo turns a potentially unpleasantly windy and salt spray laden trip into a pleasant transit.


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Applications for a limousine tender include the obvious ship-to-shore or return transit, hotel and restaurant guest pickups and sight seeing pleasure cruises on the harbour. What a way to arrive at the wedding venue!

Open guest tenders are very popular and some even provide similar capacity but none offer the protection from the elements that a true Limousine offers.


It's a Tender Concept! 4

Maori Limousine 11m Concept


Vessel layout options do include positioning of the helm station forward of the guest compartment or aft of it. Typical size is around the 9m (30ft) mark and at that size the passenger capacity is around twelve guests. Larger vessels may also include comfort facilities such as a bathroom.


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If the requirements are based upon the premise that the limousine requires garaging on her “mother ship”, then the limo design will need to take on smooth lines ensuring the maximum passenger transfer capacity whilst taking up the least amount of space on board her “parent”.

The 11 metre Limo Tender from Maori Yacht even offers a hydraulic system to lower the cabin roof before stowage aboard the yacht.

Limousine tenders are quite well powered and offer fast, smooth transfers under almost all sea and weather conditions.

For more information about the Maori Yacht Limo Tender, please contact Standen Marine in Sydney.


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Text: Steve Williams  | Standen Marine

Photos: Maori Yacht, Marco Ciampa Design, Pascoe International, Yachtwerft Meyer, Silverline, HDB Studios, Lloyd Images.