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Evo Announces Walk Around



Evo yachts extends its range with Evo 43 WA

The opening rEVOlution becomes a Walk Around.


After the first model by Evo Yachts, the daycruiser that has sealed the success of the Evo Yachts brand, the shipyard adds a new yacht to its collection to carry on the Opening rEVOlution: Evo Walk Around.

Designed by Studio Tecnico Rivellini, with interiors and exteriors by Valerio Rivellini, and built by Blu Emme Yachts, the brand new Walk Around springs from the same design concept that has always set Evo Yachts apart from the rest, right from the outset: clean lines and a minimalist design, accompanied by a series of unique solutions on the market to ensure that this motor yacht can be enjoyed to its full potential, based as always on the form & function design and construction philosophy.


Evo Announces Walk Around 1


The standout feature of this second 13-metre motor yacht is the fact that you can move easily between the stern beach area and the bow by ‘walking around’ the helm station.

This characteristic, which gives the yacht its name and is borrowed from the world of fishing boats, is masterfully integrated in the elegant and contemporary style that is a distinctive feature of the Evo Yachts collection.

A straight bow and sweeping lines define the hull, which is embellished by big rectangular windows and carbon air intakes derived from automotive design. The mooring bollards and fenders are retractable to maintain the yacht’s clean lines and keep the entire deck clear for walking on.

Using the same approach, even the stainless steel bow anchor is hidden behind a hydraulic hatch incorporated in the deckhouse, together with the pivoting anchor roller, also made from AISI 316 stainless steel, which is the alloy that provides the best possible protection against weathering. The technical compartment also provides storage space for the fenders, as well as containing a hand shower.

This solution leaves room for a big sun lounging area that can be transformed into two chaises longues, complete with headrests, drink holders/side tables and high-end loudspeakers integrated in the forward windshield.


Evo Announces Walk Around 2


Evo WA, like the previous model, is fitted with the original feature that has made this innovative ‘Made in Italy’ day cruiser so famous: the “XTension” stern cockpit sidewalls that can be opened hydraulically in less than 30 seconds by simply tapping a touchscreen.

This increases the space in the beach area by 40%, turning it into a sea terrace covering over 25 square metres, something usually only offered by boats more than twice the size.

It is in this area of the cockpit that the Evo Walk Around’s most original solutions can be found, with a series of arrangements possible according to the owner’s needs and the time of day.


Evo Announces Walk Around 3


The options include: up to three chaises longues, a retractable table in the center or sun lounging cushions that can be converted into benches or used as comfortable floating mats.

It can also be fitted with the stern Transformer, a convenient platform that rotates through 270 degrees and acts as a gangway, a bathing ladder, a diving platform or a tender lift.

The central section of the cockpit also offers a variety of modular solutions, including the possibility, for example, of electrically extending a table next to the two big facing sofas that are the main feature of the central lounge area. Two poufs are also hidden under the two tops/low tables at the end of the square area. They can also be joined together if needed to create a partition between the forward and stern sections of the cockpit.

The same area also contains a hideaway cooking area that can be fitted with an induction hob, a teppanyaki griddle or a BBQ, according to the owner’s wishes.


Evo Announces Walk Around 4


The helm station also has a minimalist design, consisting of one big curved surface, made from elm in the case of the first unit but fully customisable (carbon fibre or various types of wood), containing two 12-inch touchscreens, the steering wheel, the joystick to manoeuvre the Volvo IPS engines and the other navigational instruments.

The helm seat hides a 140 litre capacity refrigerator fitted with convenient sliding racks.

The entire cockpit area can be shaded from the sun by the carbon T-Top, consisting of a fixed central unit 4 by 3 metres in size and a sliding section that extends a further 1.5m towards the stern, fully covering the six and a half metre breadth of the beach area (with the sidewalls extended), in conjunction with two extending side shades.


Evo Announces Walk Around 5


In the below decks area, which is reached down a transparent plexiglass stairway featuring minimalist design and backlighting, you will find a dinette with a hideaway table that can be used as either a table or a bed (or a sofa area when the table is not in use), and a remarkably spacious bathroom with a full-height shower.

The stern area isn’t separated from the rest of the boat by partitions and doors, but left as a big open space, resulting in a stern cabin that is both comfortable and full of light. Four berths means that the yacht can also be used for mini-cruises in the utmost comfort.

All operations on board are aided by latest generation home automation solutions that allow all the yacht’s navigation parameters and basic functions to be managed from an iPad. The carefully engineered solutions ensure that all operations are extremely intuitive and user-friendly. In fact, Evo Walk Around is designed to be enjoyed even by owners with limited experience, particularly because the yacht is so easy and responsive to manoeuvre when mooring (with the help of the IPS units).

Safety continues, as always, to be a key design feature of Evo Yachts, which has fitted the Evo Walk Around with redundant systems and retractable solutions created specifically to avoid dangerous obstacles.

The Evo Walk Around design process also focuses on performance: the Volvo Penta IPS 600 (2 x 435 hp) engines, combined with the 18° deadrise deep-V hull, give the yacht a top speed of 38 knots and a cruising speed of 28 knots.


Evo Announces Walk Around 6


“Evo WA is our new challenge,” comment the Mercuri brothers, owners of the Evo Yachts brand. “Our aim is to expand the Evo fleet, offering owners the possibility of choosing the yacht that best suits their seafaring needs. Customisation and quality remain the shipyard’s points of strength and are also distinctive features of the Evo Walk Around. We are convinced that our choices will prove to be winning ones, as was the case with Evo 43”.

“Evo Walk Around was created to be in harmony with the sophisticated contemporary style that is the hallmark of Evo Yachts, but with a distinctly sportier attitude,” confirms Valerio Rivellini, the interior and exterior designer of the Evo Walk Around.

“Clean lines and natural light were the two key concepts in the design process. My focus was on the choice of materials, on engineering and on exploiting the space available to the full, using modular solutions to provide unprecedented liveability in 13 meters, without sacrificing elegant styling in the process.”

The new Evo Walk Around will make its official debut at the next Cannes Yachting Festival in September 2017, where it will be on show with the rest of the Evo Yachts range at PAN 049 pontoon D. On Friday 15that 10.00 a.m.there will also be a coffee on board with the designer of the Evo Walk Around, Valerio Rivellini, to discover together the novelty of the shipyard.


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