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Dockside Chat: Save Money, Discover BoatBuy Surveyors


Buying a boat? You should have a complete marine survey done!


In this video series called Dockside Chat, we speak with our industry colleagues for an insight into their specific area of expertise and get you a few boating tips along the way.

In this edition, Steve Williams speaks with Aaron O’Donoghue who is a Marine Surveyor and Mechanical Engineer.

Aaron owns a company called BoatBuy who provide a range of marine consultancy services aimed at making it easier for the recreational boat owner to buy their dream boat with the confidence that they have a full understanding of the boat’s condition.



Marine Surveys

Aaron outlines to Dockside Chat some of the various reasons that a person may want to conduct a marine survey, examples of the recreational boats that his company will perform a survey upon, and he explains some of the challenges that you, as a boat purchaser may face.


Dockside Chat: Save Money, Discover BoatBuy Surveyors 1



Some marine surveyors are also experienced and fully qualified, marine mechanics. Aaron explains to Dockside Chat why this is a great benefit to the person commissioning a survey.

BoatBuy’s point of difference is that they’re dual-certified, they can provide a structural and mechanical survey report that can also be used for insurance without hiring separate parties. Not only does this guarantee a thorough inspection, it also allows BoatBuy to be more competitively priced.


Dockside Chat: Save Money, Discover BoatBuy Surveyors 2


Dockside Chat: Save Money, Discover BoatBuy Surveyors 3


Aaron speaks about Pre-Purchase Surveys, Insurance Surveys, and Boat Inspections. BoatBuy also offers boat handling lessons and familiarisation training.

Marine surveyors usually travel to wherever the boat is located, we touch on the various locations where Aaron has gone to conduct surveys and the condition he has found boats to be in. With respect to the pre-purchase survey type, a surveyor will often work closely with the sales broker and there’s a few things that a broker can do to help smooth the process.

BoatBuy is an expanding company, Aaron speaks briefly about how a person can become a marine surveyor and the experience they would need to be successful.

In the final part of our Dockside Chat video, Aaron lays out his Top Three Preventative Maintenance Tips for boat owners to help you avoid major problems.

Further information about BoatBuy can be found on their website at


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Standen Marine

As a member of the Boating Industry Association of Australia (BIA), Standen Marine ensures that our marine brokerage and sales dealership operations comply with the standards laid out in the BIA Code of Practice.

If you ask us for a surveyor recommendation, we’re pleased to provide you with a list of surveyors to choose from.

We recommend that you speak to several surveyors and engage one on the basis that you are:

  1. comfortable that the surveyor can perform the necessary assessment on your particular vessel
  2. in agreement that the fee charged is reasonable and
  3. confident that you will have a good rapport with the person performing the survey.


Standen Marine is working to present information of value on a regular basis, like this Dockside Chat video, that will provide you with quick ways to make your life easier in Tips For Better Boating, great boating locations in Destinations, advice from our industry colleagues in Dockside Chat, and unbiased opinions from actual boat owners such as yourself in our series called What Floats Your Boat?


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Author: Steve Williams  |  Standen Marine
Video: Standen Group Marketing
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