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Cabriolet Roof Gamechanger

The newly released high performance M54 by Maori Yacht, includes an innovative option created by the renowned design house CentroStyleDesign.

This cabriolet roof design offers a weatherproof, sun-beating, rain-beating and wind-beating passenger cabin that retains exterior views of the sea when buttoned up.

When fully opened, the cabin becomes a luxury seating area for guests who will still feel connected to the complete combined boating experience of sky, ocean and breeze.

Easy access is retained when open or closed and the process only take a couple of minutes. The roof and mechanism completely fold away neatly under the decking leaving nothing to stub your toes on whilst moving around.

For further details regarding the outstanding Maori 54, please view the listing page: Click HERE.


Cabriolet Roof Gamechanger 1