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Boating Tip: Why Wash Regularly?



You Should Wash Your Boat Regularly To Keep It In Good Condition.


Washing your boat regularly removes all the nasty residue and dirt that falls on it when it rains and also the salt spray from the ocean that remains after you use your boat.


Remember that your expensive shiny boat is sitting in the harshest environment on the planet – salt water.



Salt water promotes corrosion and degrades the shiny surfaces that make your boat look appealing. This is equally applicable to fibreglass or aluminium boats. Aside from making your boat look better, regular washing stops these corrosive residues eating into the protective wax polish and getting to the fibreglass which in turn is impacted by UV radiation from the sun.


It takes a lot of physical hard work to restore the surface of fibreglass to its proper condition and hard work usually also means time and money. Keeping your boat in tip-top condition will pay dividends further down the track. For instance, poorly maintained hull and deck surfaces will also negatively impact your resale value when you decide to change your boat!


Boating Tip: Why Wash Regularly? 1


So to ensure that you maintain your boat in the best possible condition, make sure that you:


  • Give your pride and joy a freshwater rinse off after every time you use her at the very least.
  • Properly wash and detail her with the recommended detergent products for your type of boat at least once a month – preferably twice.
  • Where possible, protect surfaces from the impact of the harsh sun by covering them. Clip on canvas and custom fitted covers are the best for this job.
  • Even cover the interior to protect against the sun. Make sure that you replace the plastic covers of your marine electronics and have a custom canvas cover made for the helm station and wheel.
  • If you have teak laid decking on your stern boarding platform, consider having a custom-made clip on cover made to protect this too!


Waxing and polishing your boat annually is the bare minimum to keep her looking good but if you want to maintain her in showroom condition, then twice or three times a year will offer the best results.


Boating Tip: Why Wash Regularly? 2


Who has time to do all this? Well nobody said owning a boat was easy, there’s certainly a trade-off for all the boating enjoyment and good times that a boat offers to their owner. Professional detailing and polishing will ensure that you get to have “your cake and eat it too” saving you both time and money in the long term.


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Author: Steve Williams  |  Standen Marine
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