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Adler & HMS Exhibit in Amsterdam

The Electric and Hybrid Marine World Expo 2018 closes on a high note.


Running between the 27th and 29th June this year, the Electric and Hybrid Marine World Expo exhibition and conference has closed to great acclaim. Over 4,000 attendees are expected to have attended what has been the fifth annual Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo. There were more than 130 exhibitors from over 15 countries showcasing more brand-new propulsion technologies than ever before.


Adler & HMS Exhibit in Amsterdam 1


Adler & HMS Exhibit in Amsterdam 2


Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo is not only the largest exhibition and conference dedicated to sustainable marine propulsion technologies and systems in the world, but it also hosts the Marine Maintenance World Expo and Conference, and the Autonomous Ship Technology Symposium, which brings together ship designers, fleet owners, naval architects, classification societies, equipment supplier and research organizations to discuss the legal, technological and regulatory and developments necessary to make autonomous ships a reality.


Adler & HMS Exhibit in Amsterdam 3


Hybrid Marine Solutions (HMS) exhibited their class-leading propulsion system during the three day event. A unique feature of the HMS hybrid propulsion system for motor yachts is the seamless transition between operational modes.

“The [HMS] ATE e-Units are custom-designed, high-efficiency asynchronised electric units that can work either as a motor or as a generator. They are installed on the shaft between the Caterpillar engines and the gearbox, separated by clutches. Thus, we can use the e-Units as very powerful generators for super fast charging while the propellers are not rotating. It takes less than an hour to fully recharge the hybrid batteries – at only about 23 liters of diesel,” says Philipp Pototschnik, CEO.


Adler & HMS Exhibit in Amsterdam 4


“The design also allows the Caterpillar engines to work in twin diesel mode with the e-Units shut off, without loss of efficiency. What we are particularly proud of is that with this system, we can seamless switch between the propulsion sources: electric, twin diesel or hybrid.- even under full acceleration”.


Adler & HMS Exhibit in Amsterdam 5


HMS has reported tremendous interest in their unique hybrid system including development teams from shipyards all over the world.

The Hybrid Marine Solutions’ propulsion system is offered as an option for the stunning Adler Suprema from Adler Yacht. The HMS propulsion system can also be retro-fitted to standard diesel powered motor yachts or fitted to production or custom motor yachts from other manufacturers during the build process.

For further information regarding the Hybrid Marine Solutions packages, please contact Standen Marine on +61 2 8880 4088 or by email using