When Luxury Meets Offshore Performance

Founded in Athens, Greece in 1994 Ribco takes Rigid Inflatable Boat design to new heights, pushing the boundaries with every model by applying a passion for Performance Boating and the sea into every element of their boats.

Each Ribco is a culmination of more than two decades of design, engineering and testing in the toughest possible conditions to ensure thousands of miles of faultless operation at sea.

Meticulous detail and craftsmanship flow from bow to stern, highlighting their unwavering commitment to quality, evident from the moment you board and in every fitting and fixture used in each boat's production.

From Superyacht Tender to Luxury Day-Boat and Offshore Performance Machine, Ribco offers vessels in the Maxi RIB category from 28 feet through to 44 feet. Ribco are focused on being at the forefront of the ever-growing trend towards larger more versatile Rigid Hull Inflatable vessels.

Available Models


Why choose a RIB?

02 - Why choose a RIB?
The global popularity of rigid-hulled inflatable boats (RIB's) is no accident. Originally conceived for military use as a boat that could be easily transported, the inflatable was also perfect for safety and rescue tasks.

It was the combination of the inflatable with a rigid hull that formed the basis of the RIB advantages that we enjoy today. The rigid construction makes them extremely stable, even at high speeds.
This enhanced stability ensures that they don't capsize easily in adverse conditions and should the unthinkable occur in a situation where large amounts of water are taken on, they remain afloat thanks to the inflatable collars known as tubes that surround the RIB.

These tubes are separated from each other, ensuring that there is no danger of sinking in case one section malfunctions. For this reason the majority of rescue boats in many countries are RIBs.
03 - Ribco Philosophy

Ribco Philosophy

From the very beginning the philosophy at Ribco was clear. There is to be no compromise in quality, there is to be continual innovation, and the resulting boats are to exhibit the best possible capabilities resulting in the creation of satisfied customers.

In order to achieve this, Ribco design and construct their boats at their own purpose-built facility.
As a company, from management to the skilled artisans on the production floor, Ribco believes that there must be constant improvement, not only in their product designs but also the construction methodology.

That’s why they invest in themselves to improve efficiency, quality, safety and customer satisfaction through superior research and development. After all, the results must perform as expected and that's why Ribco specialists complete thorough quality assurance testing of all boats on the unforgiving ocean.

The Ribco Advantage

02 - The Ribco Advantage
Ribco boats stand apart from others. Over two decades of development has gone into the Ribco high performance hull design. Based on a proven offshore racing architecture, you can be assured that even in the most challenging sea conditions you will reach your destination safely.

The fit and finish of all Ribco models is a cut above the rest. From the detailed leather stitching to the custom designed console panels. Features can be tailored to your individual boating expectations as can the appearance of your Ribco be created to suit your individual style.

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