Discover the range of Italian high-performance vessels that are Maori

The semi-custom Italian boat builder Maori Yachts began with a 15-metre tender design that paved the way for the current range of contemporary-styled high-performance luxury vessels in lengths now spanning from 9 metres to 23.7 metres, that’s 30 feet to 78 feet.

The Maori shipyard has enjoyed tremendous success for over ten years thanks to the high levels of performance exhibited by the yachts in their portfolio, and their willingness to customise their designs to their client’s needs.

Maori are continually improving their capabilities, both from a technology standpoint with their constant research and design efforts and their model offering, this year launching the much-lauded Maori 54 and announcing the latest design in the range, the sleek Maori 64.

Current projects being undertaken include a Maori 90, Maori 120 and a jaw-dropping design for a Maori 135.

Maori vessels are high performance motor yachts that are perfectly suited to undertake various roles ranging from open tender duties, day boating, family weekends, high speed chase boat and transfer duties for larger vessels, and right up to use as performance luxury yachts.

The acclaimed naval architect Marco Ciampa leads the design team and is responsible for the avant-garde personality of the Maori stable. In 2013 the Maori 78 was awarded by the World Yacht Trophies as the “Best Design up to 24 metres” and shows clear evidence that Maori has been successfully able to impose its own style in the nautical world.

Available Models


Style And Design

02 - Style And Design
Presenting the Maori Yacht design ethos. Contemporary Italian style meets practical useability in a high-performance package. What is it about a boat that attracts your eye?

The design and appearance are appealing, it nourishes your imagination and it creates a gratifying feeling that stirs you to visualise yourself at the helm.

Of course, the vessel must have many other favourable attributes as well. A Maori design provides you with the certainty of safety and comfort, the facility of practical features and the satisfaction of a custom build. Maori vessels are, simply put, a collaboration of style, seaworthiness, handling, power, practicality and useable space resulting in a high amount of satisfaction from you.
03 - Craftsmanship


At Standen we love beautiful things. There are very few boats in the world that literally take our breath away. The Maori team doesn’t just build boats, they create objects of desire. Each vessel is lovingly crafted, built with care and passion and presented to their new owner with the pride that only craftsmanship can produce.
At the Maori Yacht shipyard, each semi-customised vessel produced is the comprehensive realisation of your dreams brought to life through the eyes of professional Maori naval architects, technicians, engineers and tradespeople – all dedicated to the ideal of craftsmanship.


02 - Technology
Boats of premium quality are as important to owners today as they ever have been. The Maori shipyard recognises the importance and positive impact that state-of-the-art boat building practices and technology has on the attributes of quality. These include durability, performance, reliability and serviceability for many years over the life of the vessel.

Maori Yacht techniques and processes ensure that each and every vessel conforms to rigorous standards resulting in a consistently high-quality product. The never ending Maori improvement process includes the build techniques, component choice and its method of fitting, testing methodology and measurement of the performance outcomes.

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