Innovation and creativity from Italy offer an opening revolution

Evo Yachts have applied the principles of 'domotics' to the needs of the boat owner. Simply put domotics is home automation. Evo have conducted cutting edge research to create designs that make complex boating technologies simpler.

Through fingertip control of your smartphone or tablet or by the intuitive commands at the console, all of the functions on board, from the opening of the “XTension" cockpit sides to the control of basic settings are managed simply and easily by touch.

Making such highly developed technology simple, reliable and easy to use whilst improving liveability through advanced design and construction techniques is fundamental to the Evo principles.

Founded in the vicinity of the Italian city of Naples, a location steeped in nautical tradition, the Evo brand was brought to life by Blu Emme Yachts. The production facility is located at the nearby town of Villa Literno and in collaboration with the famous design house Studio Tecnico Rivellini, the yard has made its mark on the boating industry very quickly.

Evo Yachts are famous for clean lines and a minimalist design, accompanied by a series of original solutions to ensure that their yachts can be enjoyed to their full potential.

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02 - Innovation
Some say the vessels from Evo are shapeshifters, some argue that they are beyond amazing! In fact, it is a practical application of innovation that makes them so rEVOlutionary.

A combination of forward thinking and state-of-the art construction techniques creates the fit and finish so admired of Evo Yachts.

Creation of the ideal boating platform is usually a goal that cannot be achieved without compromise. Then there is the Evo! Features such as the expanding sides of the cockpit that give you around 40% extra space without having to pay double the berthing cost are one such advantage.

The expansive layout below also offers accommodation for the whole family and the incorporation of Volvo Penta IPS pod drive propulsion reduces noise, increases speed and fuel economy.

03 - Form and function

Form and function

Created from a blend of the passion of the Blu Emme Yachts and the genius and creativity of the Studio Tecnico Rivellini, each Evo Yacht cannot fail to be noticed and demands immediate attention thanks to a perfect mix of aggression and elegance.

The cleats and fenders fold away to leave the lines completely clean and enhance onboard safety.

In its entirety, the design deems to follow the dictates and style codes of “minimalism”, but on closer examination a clear Italian identity stands out, especially in the attention paid to detail and in the choice of precious materials such as glass, solid teak, Plexiglass, leather and choice fabrics.

Great attention is paid to liveability and to the use of space above and below deck during preliminary ergonomic studies.


02 - Production
A very close knit team at Evo blends creative flair and technical expertise, tradition and innovation, innovative lines and Italian handicraft; all sharing a common passion for their work and for the sea.

The shipyard was awarded a prize by the Altagamma Foundation recognising Evo as an emerging brand that has excelled in their expression of Italian culture and lifestyle.

Product quality, attention to detail, striking design and highly innovative technology, combined with an aggressive expansion strategy on foreign markets, are the drivers behind the huge international success of EVO 43 in the short time after its launch, contributing to Evo Yachts’ image as an emblem of Italian made quality worldwide.

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