The first carbon hybrid luxury yacht in its class

Adler Yacht combines expertise and technology from two precise worlds; aeronautical engineering and modern superyacht production.

Add to this a marriage of digitally enhanced computer control systems with the silent promise of hybrid electric propulsion and you have a boating harmony that leads the industry.

The first model, the Adler Suprema is an extraordinary yacht that combines Italian design with Austrian and German engineering – a truly European masterpiece that will make you feel at home wherever you are around the world.

Generous living spaces, one of the largest flybridges in its class and luxurious comfort down to the last detail ensure that your stay will remain the most memorable of experiences, while the powerful and yet efficient HMS hybrid engine encourages you to exhaust its range of over 3,500 NM provided by a 5,200 litre fuel tank.

Truly the best way to explore the seven seas.

However you choose to spend your day – enjoying an adventure cruise or silently entering a lonesome bay to relax – you will appreciate the unique atmosphere aboard, in your private living room at sea.

Available Models





02 - Innovation
Given life by Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard from the innovative Italian design house Nuvolari Lenard, the range of yachts from Adler leave a lasting emotional impression from the moment your see them.

The intelligent design lets you enjoy a feeling of freedom like no other vessel: By opening all side panels on the main deck, the boundaries between inside and outside merge together leaving you speechless.

Generous and perfectly equipped relaxation areas invite you to sit back and indulge in the comfort on board your Adler. You might very well forget that you’re even aboard a yacht. The convenient living spaces offer everything for your pleasure.
03 - Technology


Adler yachts have been conceived specifically for the advantage of hybrid propulsion. Travelling in near silence with unparalleled fuel efficiency and transatlantic range whilst enjoying all the comforts of home has become the Adler mantra.

Adler vessels are built from carbon fibre for strength and lightness, they offer the fingertip ease of digital control and automation systems for all the conveniences on board.

Aboard the Adler Superema, the unique HMS hybrid system combines the power of two Caterpillar diesel engines, each with 1,150 hp and two ATE high efficiency 100 kW e-units, together delivering an emission and vibration free propulsion of up to 11 knots and a maximum speed of up to 30 knots.

The hybrid engine combination saves up to 50% over a conventional system, resulting in a maximum range of over 3,500 nautical miles. So you might even forget where the fuel tank cap is located or what a petrol station looks like.


02 - Customisation
Each Adler is a very special piece of craftsmanship. Make it yours – and make it unique. While the yacht itself is made of carbon fibre, the interior will be equipped according to your wishes, creating your perfect living space by courtesy of endless customisation opportunities.

In doing so, you have the possibility to choose from a vast variety of finest woods, leather and other material options matching your taste.

Even the whole illumination system can be geared to your personal preferences, presenting your yacht in the perfect light. Your experience during the design process is actually as effortless and as pleasurable as using your Adler when she is delivered to you.

After the process of configuration you’ll never again be indifferent concerning questions like “teak or walnut?”.

Build your Adler from a world of choices!

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